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Brand Story

Our Mission
At, we’re in the business of confidence. We want to see confident, empowered women live life to the fullest and celebrate their curves. We use sustainable, durable fabrics for comfort and support that leave you feeling sexy and confident. Our obsession with comfort, effectiveness, and style remains aligns with our sustainable goals: Curve Your Body, Art Your Life! A.R.T is not about finger painting nor craft it is the acronym for:

A - Activating confidence
R - Reshaping body
T - Take control of destiny

Our Design Philosophy

Vancyy envisions a generation of confident, beautiful women that shine bright, and bring their A game to the full life journey. Every garment is designed by our in-house team and rigorously tested on real women to ensure the highest quality and performance. Our products are a true labor of love, and this love also extends towards our planet and community. We strive to reduce packaging waste and create garments that are made to last — not end up in a landfill.

Our Story
“A New Way To Shape, A New Way To Life”

Vancyy  is a 21st century brand that inspires confidence in women of all shapes and sizes by providing foundational shapewear building pieces. The Brand is designed with the busy working mom in mind. To help her be confident, and her strong self for whatever she has in her life journey.
It empowers women and girls with the knowledge that when a woman is confident in her body, she thrives. But she’s the only one to define her life.

Our Dream
We encourage women to shape their own destiny and break free from societal expectations. We want you to be loud, proud, and confident in expressing yourself. You deserve to take up space. You deserve to have your voice heard in your Art life.


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